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Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100 - 翻译中...


TECON Self-climbing formwork TSC50 & TSC100 is a crane independent climbing system. It offers efficient and cost saving concreting solution for high-rise building, bridge pylons etc.. Up to 100kN lifting capacity and reliable embedded anchorage system ensures stable and safe automatic climbing with integrated formwork together.

Feature of Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100

  • Efficient automatic climbing and easy operation, thus without occupying tower crane schedule

  • Reliable climbing bracket and the embedded anchorage system proven by lots project sites

  • Safe and fully sealed operation platform regardless weather influence

  • Can be shifted from one project to another despite of different geometry

  • Multi-Platforms design allow workers operating on different level

Specification of Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100

  • Rail-guided, safe & stable climbing procedure without crane assistance

  • Hydraulic cylinder (climbing device) with 50kN and 100kN lifting capacity

  • 0.5 hour per floor climbing speed

  • Maximum 6m casting height

  • Around 7-10 days per level cycle including tie rebar

  • Available climbing incline at ±15°slope

  • Width of platform:

                                     Main platform: 2.4m/ 2.7m

                                     Top platform: 0.75m/1.2m

                                     Bottom platform: 1.2m

Application of Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100

Shaft core structures of high-rise building, bridge pylons etc.

Related Products of Self-climbing Formwork TSC50 & TSC100

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